Is history lost in time? Reconsidering long term narratives in research and teaching

mercredi, 5. juin
16:30 jusqu'à 18:00 heures
Salle KOL-F-101

Is history lost in time? In research and teaching, historical temporality continues to be framed by one or the other idea of the “long-run.” However, in the last several decades, critical engagement with deconstruction and post-colonial critiques of Euro-centric narratives have posed a serious challenge to conventional formats – categories such as “Ancient, Medieval and Modern,” notions of successive civilizations, stages of development, or modernization. While some historians have welcomed the dynamism of history-writing liberated from totalizing concepts and teleological frames, others warn of the pitfalls of presentism and “short termism.” Still others remind us that climate change calls for a history of the Anthropocene and a new dialogue with deep history. Given these debates, how do we rethink the temporal categories that structure our research, writing, and teaching?